Organic Young Oy!

 Oy! organic solutions for young skin!

Products all chosen for their punch in the fight for a great complexion. Oy! promises no gunk, no junk just clean, clear and vibrant skin.

Oy! product range have been developed with help from Sandra – the inspiration behind Green People. 

"Once I was the little girl who couldn’t stop scratching myself! My mother made a great range of kids’ products but hey, I’ve grown up now and I wanted a wicked, high quality range for me and my friends. Of course, only the best organic and fairly traded stuff – no gunk, no junk, no nasties!” - Sandra says.

Most teen products contain harsh chemicals, detergents and pore-blocking petrochemicals that can actually worsen skin problems like acne, blackheads and oily skin.

Oy! products are made using the finest organic ingredients that work gently and effectively to help look after your skin. Containing natural actives they will work with your skin to help reduce inflammation, kill spot-causing bacteria and provide your skin with the nutrients it needs to achieve a clear complexion.



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Oy! Cleanse & Moisturise

Oy! Cleanse & Moisturise€14.70

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T001 50ml

Oy! Clear Skin Gel

Oy! Clear Skin Gel€14.50

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Oy! Roll-on Deodorant

Oy! Roll-on Deodorant€12.50

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T008 75ml

Oy! Shampoo & Shower

Oy! Shampoo & Shower€12.95

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T027 150ml

Oy! Soft Glow Gradual Tan

Oy! Soft Glow Gradual Tan€17.95

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T009 50ml

Oy! Wash & Shave

Oy! Wash & Shave€14.20

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T026 150ml


Page 1 of 1:    8 Items