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Sun Care for Babies & Children

The dangers of exposure to sunlight have become widely publicised in recent years. However, most of the advice that has appeared in the press relates to adults and teenagers. But what about babies and young children; what can parents do to ensure that they avoid the pitfalls of too much sun exposure?

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Fragrance allergy? Go scent-free

Are you one of the many people in the UK with a fragrance allergy? If so, you will be all too familiar with how this can define so much of what you can use on your body and in your home. Whilst the extent of the inconvenience depends on which perfume chemicals you are sensitive to, scent-free products are the best option for living without constant skin reactions.



Perspiration plays a vital role in maintaining normal health yet is sometimes considered to be unhygienic and undesirable. Amongst the essential functions of perspiring are the elimination of toxins, maintaining the balance of salt levels, and the regulation of body temperature.

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The benefits of natural makeup

If you have been using organic skin products for years but haven’t been able to find a good natural makeup brand, your wait is over! Green People, as one of the pioneers in certified organic products, has developed a wonderful set of eco cosmetics to complement its natural skin range.


Prebiotics: a natural answer for acne?

Acne is most associated with teenagers but it can often affect those in their twenties and later in life too. Most sufferers would prefer a clearer complexion and as acne can sometimes cause long-term damage to skin, a solution is much in demand.