Sticky Hand Sanitiser

Sticky Hand Sanitiser
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Size:  100ml


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Our packaging is recyclable and non air-freighted. We only use the purest, natural and organic ingredients hand made in small quantities to ensure you receive the freshest products possible.


Fresh aroma of Citrus. Sanitise sticky fingers, faces, toys and high chairs

  • Tea Tree extract for added antiseptic properties
  • Cleans dirt, grime and germs with a squirt
  • No need for water. Easy to use
  • Mum can use it too after every nappy change. Perfect for days out!
  • A great ‘eco buy’ for families as you get up to 200 squirts per bottle

Organic Children’s Sticky Hand Sanitiser is a great alternative to mainstream hand sanitisers that use chemical ingredients such as alcohol (ethyl alcohol, ethanol), methylisothiazolinone, methylchloroisothiazolinone and Triclosan which can strip and dry out the skin.

certified organic hand sanitiser  100% certified products, 96% certified organic ingredients

    "We've been using it everywhere! Its quick, easy and smells gorgeous and we have total piece of mind there aren’t any nasties in there going onto our toddling Ted's delicate skin! I would most definitely recommend this as an eco space saving alternative to oodles of baby wipes! :D"
    Hannah, on Facebook

    "After using this for the past few weeks, I have decided that it is brilliant! I used to use an alcohol based hand sanitiser all of the time but it was strong smelling and not particularly nice on the children. In contrast, this has been great to use in place of wipes or gel on hands, faces, toys, high chairs and practically everywhere. It smells gorgeous as well, with no overpowering chemicals that smell and can dry out your skin. So far we have used it when out for lunch and at the farm park, although probably the most useful was on a recent trip to the seaside. A squirt of this on your hands and a wipe down with a dry towel was enough to get the sand off your hands and ensure they are clean and ready to eat with! By far the best hand sanitiser I have ever tried and believe me I have tried a lot."
    Ellie from Nottingham

    "As I opened the package I could already smell the lovely citrus extracts and essential oils in the Sticky Hand Sanitiser, not at all like any other non-rinse cleansers I have tried. It's a foam, rather than a gel, so it makes it slightly more fun for children to use (and a bit of a novelty for grown-ups too!) The 100ml bottle fits perfectly in a handbag or changing bag and not only does it clean up sticky hands and faces, you can even use it with a cloth to wipe down highchairs and toys."
    H.C. by email

    "I received the hand sanitiser on Saturday and it has already been out and about, love love love the smell it is fab."

    Sticky Hands Sanitiser has won the following awards:

    Recommended by Bizzie Baby - gold award 2012





    2009 - 2012 - Best Innovative Baby Wipes

    A multipurpose product, Organic Babies foaming baby cleanser provides an innovative alternative to baby wipes. Backed up by over ten years of research its safe formulation is over 96% organic, suitable for vegetarians and certified by the Organic Food Federation. All products in the Organic Babies range are handmade in small batches using the most natural and organic ingredients. This makes them ideal for even the most sensitive skin types.

    Ideal for hands, faces, and bottoms, the cleanser can be squirted directly onto the skin, used with a washable wipe or natural sponge. It is also great for cleaning highchairs, change-mats and toys.

    Testers loved the light consistency of the foam which was easy to dispense even with one hand (very handy with a wriggly baby to deal with).

    The even distribution of the foam avoids the need to use product in a concentrated form. Testers also liked the fact that the cleanser dried quickly leaving the skin lovely soft and moisturised.

    The price tag is a little high, but a little does go a long way and with so many uses the Organic Babies foaming baby cleanser really is a handy addition to a baby bag. One Tester suggested using washable wipes with plain water to clean the nappy area and finishing off with a squirt of the foam.

    This is what some of the Testers said:

    • Knowing the ingredients were pure and free from harmful ingredients
    • It is effective without being harsh Very easy to use with one hand because of the pump dispenser
    • Lovely! Soft, smooth dries quickly and leaves skin soft, no residue It didn’t bother his skin and he is prone to nappy rash I didn’t think it would work so well on nappy changes so I was very pleased
    • Me and my partner used it on our hands and found it very good Far and away exceeded my expectations, am impressed with its cleansing powers!

    The Green People Company is known for its green credentials and ethical trading – they donate 10% of their profits to ‘green and environmental charities’.

    All Testers agreed this is indeed a useful product for babies, toddlers and children. Its antibacterial properties give added peace of mind.
    What we love about this product is that kids like to use it themselves, because of the fun of the foam. So children can clean themselves without mummy’s help.



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