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The benefits of natural makeup

If you have been using organic skin products for years but haven’t been able to find a good natural makeup brand, your wait is over! Green People, as one of the pioneers in certified organic products, has developed a wonderful set of eco cosmetics to complement its natural skin range. See the organic makeup range now.

If changing your makeup routine is something you may be a bit worried about, don’t worry - you are not alone. Many women fall into a pattern of using a certain foundation, eyeshadow, lipstick or blush, and do not like the idea of changing their makeup.

The benefits of switching to natural makeup

However, there are some really persuasive reasons to switch to organic makeup and give mineral foundations a go. Organic cosmetics are eco friendly, give a beautiful finish, are kind to sensitive skin and do not allow synthetic ‘nasties’ to absorb into your skin. What could be better?

Did you know that some cosmetics companies put ingredients into their makeup which are not exactly desirable? Your red lipstick may contain crushed beetle shells (often listed as cochineal) for example, while your mascara may have mercury lurking in it, and your concealer or liquid foundation may well contain parabens.

If you are not familiar with parabens, they are preservatives which have been found to have hormone-like effects and are found in a huge range of skin care products. While further research is required to find out the exact effect they can have on the body, many people are choosing to avoid them in their cosmetics. Parabens are one group of ingredients that Green People never puts in its skin care products or makeup.

As you can see, switching to organic makeup can free you from some of the ingredients that many high street cosmetics companies use. Choosing a certified organic makeup brand is the best way of achieving this, as certification bodies like EcoCert will not allow questionable ingredients to be used.

Pure, organic ingredientsWithin organic makeup, you’ll find pure ingredients which are gentle on your skin. Green People’s organic mineral powders are 100% natural and contain organic jojoba seed oil and beeswax, along with zinc oxide which gives SPF15 sun protection.

The beauty of mineral make up is that it uses mineral pigments to achieve the colour of the powder rather than artificial colours. Minerals sit on top of the skin, rather than sinking into the pores and give even coverage whilst also covering fine lines and wrinkles.

Do note that not all mineral make up brands are free from parabens and other undesirable ingredients, however. You may find that some, even those that seem to be natural, do make use of synthetic preservatives and colours. To avoid accidentally purchasing cosmetics with these ingredients, remember to check that it is certified organic makeup.

Eco-friendly cosmetics

Certified organic makeup contains ingredients that have been grown without harming the environment. Some non-organic farms cause deforestation and other environmental damage but these would not be certified by any of the organic bodies.

EcoCert, which certifies Green People’s organic makeup, also requires that all packaging must be recyclable. Our mineral make up is very long-lasting anyway so you will not need to dispose of packaging often but it is good to know that at the end of its life, it will not go to landfill.

Some skin care products also contain ingredients which can be harmful to the environment when washed off. Phthalates have been identified as one group of chemicals which may cause problems for river life and are sometimes found in cosmetics – especially those with squeezy tubes. Green People does not use phthalates in any products, allowing you to enjoy natural, eco-friendly cosmetics.

Try our natural makeup now!

Discover the benefits of organic mineral makeup yourself. It has a silky, light texture that feels wonderful on the skin and does not leave giveaway tide-marks. As well as mineral powder, we have lipsticks, eyeshadow, mascara and concealer to complete your natural makeup selection.

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