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Be gorgeous with organic cosmetics and natural make-up from Green People

Green People’s organic make-up range enhances your skin's natural beauty. It nourishes and protects, and is made without irritating and harmful ingredients. This is make up you can trust.

Many cosmetics companies use ingredients such as mercury and formaldehyde in their make up. Mercury is legally allowed to be included to some cosmetics because it is acts a preservative. However, it can accumulate in the body over time and many toxicologists recommend avoiding it wherever possible.


Your skin can absorb up to 60% of what you put on it
Your lipstick may contain crushed beetles!
Up to 28% of lipsticks contain cancer-causing agents

We never put mercury, formaldehyde, crushed beetles or carcinogens in our certified organic make up, nor any other questionable ingredients like Parabens, DEA, TEA, Urea, Propylene glycol, Synthetic Fragrances and Colours, PEGs and Silicones.


Feel-good, look-good beauty with natural make up

Enjoy natural beautywith certified organic make up from Green People. There are other so-callednatural cosmetics out there but they can contain just 1% of naturalingredients. With certified organicmake-up, you get so much more.

Green People make up:

  • contains only safe ingredients
  • is made with ingredients from responsible sources
  • contains ingredients grown without pesticides
  • does not clog pores
  • contains no added nasties

Alook for every mood!

Our light, gentle makeup will give you the coverage you desire without the need for heavy,pore-clogging products. Achieve the gentle purity of a natural look or use richercolours for a stunning impact at first glance.

We have three shades oforganic mineral powders: honey, caramel and maple. These absorb excess oil to keepyour skin matte all day long, as well as protecting it from the sun. Our cosmeticsrange also includes a nude concealer to hide pigmentations, blemishes and darkcircles around the eye area. These two products combine to give your skin asmooth, even appearance without clogging your pores.

Our certified organiclipsticks contain a blend of nourishing base oils and essential oils to leavelips feeling nourished and moisturised, with just a hint of fresh mint. Thereare three colours to choose from in our natural lipstick selection, eachcarefully formulated to give you a shimmering smile: cherry, cinnamon andcandyfloss.

In our eyeshadow compactyou will find four shades of natural eye shadow – cream, fondant, nutmeg andexpresso – which you can use singly or blend together for an enthralling smokeyeffect. Accentuate your eyes with our black volumising organic mascara tocomplete your look. With a specially-designed applicator brush which encouragesa full, lengthened effect, this natural mascara is perfect for alluring eyes.

Why organic cosmetics should be your first choice

Many of us wear make upfor many hours at a time, perhaps reapplying once or twice during the day. Youwant to be sure that what you are applying to your skin is safe and does notcontain any questionable ingredients that could be absorbed into your body.

In the past, all sortsof artificial chemicals have been found in makeup ranges, even heavy metalslike lead which are proven to be toxic and are strictly controlled by law.Also, ingredients such as synthetic pigments and colours, parabens, silicones,petroleum-derived ingredients, synthetic fragrances, PEGs and a whole host ofother ingredients are routinely used in mainstream cosmetics. Many of thesehave potentially adverse effects which range from skin irritation to moreserious issues.

Green People’s certifiedorganic cosmetics allow you to enjoy your make-up with peace of mind that youare using safe and natural ingredients. All of the products in our make-uprange have been certified natural and organic by Ecocert.

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