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More and more of us are eating organic and using natural supplements. But many have not yet discovered the many benefits of using 'natural' or 'organic' skincare products and do not realise what many mainstream toiletries contain.

Over the past 50 years have been tens of thousands of new chemicals on the market. We come into contact with a large number of these substances from food, toiletries and the environment. However, it is not only danger from the individual chemicals of concern, but also the synergy of this "cocktail". With research as it is today, nobody has an overview of what consequences these synthetic substances may have when they interact. Two preservatives may for instance be a thousand times more potent and damaging when they occur together than when used separately.

Certified organic skin care products must only contain safe ingredients that are dictated by organisations such as The Soil Association, EcoCert and The Organic Food Federation.  These products must contain with organic ingredients that have been grown responsibly, without harmful pesticides or damage to the local environment.

Discover the beauty of essential oils and ultra-gentle organic skin care products with  

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Sugar Scrub 160G

Sugar Scrub 160G€22.00

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Toning Hydrating Mist

Toning Hydrating Mist€21.00

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Vita Min Fix

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Zap & Clear Serum

Zap & Clear Serum€15.80

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Organic skin care as part of a green lifestyle

It is not easy being a green consumer. There are many so-called "natural", "clean" and "organic" skin care products on the market but there may be a myriad of harsh chemicals, even in natural toiletries, and many of them are synthetic.

There is still no legislation in the EU on organic certification for cosmetics and grooming products. The existing standards for ecology in the EU applies only food and beverages. But there are a number of organisations that set their own standards. If you want to be sure that you buy 'genuine' organic skin care, you should go for the organic symbols from a recognized authority, like The Soil Association, EcoCert and The Organic Food Federation.

Green People offers natural and organic cosmetics of the highest quality. We have won numerous awards and our quality, eco-friendly products have been available for over 10 years. We have a wide range of organic skin care, from facial cleansers and scrubs to moisturisers and toners. Our products are suitable for sensitive skin and can be used by all skin types including dry and oily skin, and may also be suitable for those who are prone to eczema and psoriasis.

All Green People's natural, organic creams and lotions are free from SLS, parabens, lanolin, perfumes, artificial dyes and alcohol. Our products are not tested on animals and are suitable for vegetarians.  Most are also vegan, and clearly marked where not.

Did you know ...? Build-up of toxins

Some synthetic chemicals used to produce cheap natural skin care products may help to transport chemicals through your skin and directly into the bloodstream. Many women use 10 to 15 different skin care products a day and up to 60 percent of the chemicals that come in contact with your skin may be absorbed. This means that in principle, you could be absorbing up to two kilograms of synthetic chemicals a year!