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Prebiotics: a natural answer for acne?

Acne is most associated with teenagers but it can often affect those in their twenties and later in life too. Most sufferers would prefer a clearer complexion and as acne can sometimes cause long-term damage to skin, a solution is much in demand.

However, acne is a difficult problem to solve, as scientists have yet to understand exactly what causes it. A lot of research has been done into the factors which can affect the development of acne but we still do not have an absolute understanding of the exact sequence of events that precipitate an acne breakout.

What we do know is that the following factors are connected to the development of acne:

  • Excess sebum production
  • Over production of keratin (a tough protein) in follicles
  • Fast growth of a certain bacterium (Propionibacterium acnes)
  • Inflammation
  • Immune responses

One of the factors listed above is a bacterium known to be linked with acne. It is always present when acne lesions occur so the theory is that by dealing with this bacterium, acne can be reduced.

Prebiotics – good for you inside and out

Prebiotics are probably better known in relation to nutrition than to skin care products but can actually help with tackling acne bacteria on the skin.

They encourage the growth of probiotics, good bacteria which make it harder for the acne bacteria to survive. They also excrete natural antibiotics, increase competition for nutrients, lower the pH of the skin and help to prevent the acne bacteria from growing together.

This effect of promoting the good flora on the skin whilst at the same time inhibiting the undesirable bacteria is a combination that suggests acne may be helped naturally. Prebiotics have been described as “a gentle and sustainable alternative to undirected irritable antibacterial ingredients” and it is for this reason that Green People has included them in its natural skin products.

Prebiotics in natural skin care products

Green People uses a type of prebiotic called an oligosaccharide, which is sourced from natural sugars. It works in the way described above, promoting good bacteria and limiting the growth of the acne bacteria.

Acne very often affects those in their teens and twenties so we have included this prebiotic in the Oy! Cleanse and Moisturise, part of a natural range especially designed for young skin. This is just one of the gentle, natural ingredients we use to achieve an advanced, proven action to improve skin health.

We also use plant extracts such as Green Tea extract, rich in antioxidants and effective at reducing inflammation, along with essential oils rich in Omega-3&6 to encourage a clear complexion.

See the Oy! natural skin range now.