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Aloe Vera Shampoo

Have been using Green People's hair care products for almost six months, my hairdresser praises me for my shiny, healthy hair. I took it as a great compliment to us both! "EH, Grasmere, UK

Aloe Vera Conditioner

"First and foremost I must congratulate you for your products. We spread the good news, it's amazing how many people are unaware of the amount of chemicals found in beauty products, my two year old daughter and I am especially excited about the Green People Aloe Vera Conditioner. She has lovely curly hair, but every morning it is tousled "! A quick cam throughout with a bit of conditioner is the solution without tears. "
E. F. via email, UK

Aloe Vera Shower Bath

"I used to be totally ignorant about the dangers of chemicals in personal care products. Now I buy everything as chemical-free as possible. I was initially a little concerned over the price, but quickly discovered that your products are amazing. I have many years had acne on my back, and this problem has completely disappeared after I started using Green People Aloe Vera Shower Bath. And as I say a little bit goes a long way. I am completely 'hooked' on your products and recommend them to all I know. Continue finally the good work. "

Aloe Vera Styling Gel

"I write just to say thank you for your wonderful products. Especially Green People Styling Gel and Hand to Help your hand cream. I have suffered from seborrhoeic dermatitis of the scalp for some time and have now realized that it probably is a previous use of chemical styling products.
Your Styling Gel is super and leave no nasty chemical residue in hair and hand cream keep my hands soft. Both products even smells wonderful! So again many thanks for your products - I will definitely continue to order your products and recommend the Green People to my friends. "
G. W. via email, UK

Hey Green People, I had to write and tell you that I love your products, especially your shampoo's and conditioners, they are amazing!. For years I have struggled with an itchy / irritated scalp (because of all the additives are in general products), but thankfully I found you!, Keep doing what you do! A very satisfied customer., Julie Biddle.

Childrens Sun Lotion SPF 25 - No Scent

Organic Children No scent sollotion SPF25 er den eneste sollotion jeg har kunnet finde, der ikke irriterer min lille datters hud! Kan simpelthen ikke være foruden jeres unikke duftfri sollotion.

Childrens Bath & Shower - Lavender

A mild but delicious fragrance of lavender, which reminds me of childhood holidays in the former Yugoslavia! A product that gives plenty of lovely smelling bubbles and is very gentle on the skin. My son suffers from eczema on his cheeks and Green People's products are the only ones he could use. Definitely worth using - try it! Lindsayn.

Rosemary Shampoo

"For many years I suffered from unpleasant irritation and tenderness in the scalp. I got Betnovat from my doctor, but while it was nice and seemed cooling komdet no problem for life. I recently bought Green People Rosemary Shampoo and Conditioner and my problem is now solved! Hurrah. "
L.H via email

Rosemary Conditioner

"Green People Rosemary Conditioner is unique, I'm using balsams after shampoo when my hair is half dry - my violent curly hair is transformed into the dejligeste curls!"
H. S. London, UK

Rosemary & Pink Clay Shower Gel

"Green People Rosemary & Pink Clay Shower Gel is just great and the product contains what it promises. It has a nice refreshing scent and is incredibly effective as facial and body wash - only a small amount is needed to build a nice, efficient foam - verily super value for money. "
V. C. Winbourne, UK

Baby Salve

"My daughter Lauren is 5 years old and plagued by eczema. We have tried all kinds of moisture Lotions and steroid creams on prescription. I began to search the Internet and found Green People. I sent an e-mail and got registered BABY Salve, I had nothing to lose, so I ordered the product and the result was fantastic. After having only used it a couple days I noticed an improvement and now my daughter's leg literally without eczema.
Almost too good to be true. I'm using now your Baby Wash
- Finally, she can have bubbles in the bath! "
C. M. via Email


I want to tell everyone about Green People's deodorant my favorite product.
Two years ago I was operated on for breast cancer and subsequent chemotherapy. Then I could not use my usual deodorant containing harmful ingredients that may also cause cancer!
I spent a whole summer where I felt it unpleasant to work closely with other people because I felt that I had a problem with my body odor, even though my friends assured me otherwise.
Then I discovered fortunately Green People's great products and were again full of confidence - especially since I started using your effective roll-on deodorant.
R. Colley

Roll on Rosemary Deodorant

"I used Green People Rosemary Roll On Deodorant by my friend's 40th birthday party and danced in more than four hours. I was extremely surprised - still smelled of rosemary and lavender as the evening was over!"
Lucy Atkins, Journalist, The Telegraph, UK C024

Roll on Aloe Vera Deodorant

Your Green People deodorants are amazing, I am a fitness instructor and trainer, and therefore perspire heavily throughout the day. Your roll on deodorants are just super! I sweat naturally, but is completely free of annoying sweat smell.
Ms. L. via email, UK C032

Foaming Baby Cleanser

Your Baby Foaming Cleanser is a product every parent should have on hand. It is really useful for cleaning baby toys, high chair trays and especially our children's hands - we would not miss it. "VP Wadhurst

Foaming Face Wash

Green People have really surpassed themselves with this product. So amazing to me will bring it to my desert island! Many, many thanks.
Rosemary, via email

Foaming Hand Sanitizer

"Before we went on camping trip around Italy I bought a pair of Green People Foaming Hand Sanitizer. It was a success - easy to use and kept us bacteria-free even under difficult Hygienic conditions. I have always your product on hand.
I have since bought Hand Sanitizer to my mother, whom she frequently uses when she is in the fitness center. "
Esther via email, UK

Fruitful Nights

I wrote to you a while ago on the night cream fruitful Nights and how fantastic product. My girlfriend always complained that my other creams were too shiny on my face. Fruitful Nights penetrates quickly in the skin and also smells i still of the night ... I no longer have the girlfriend, but my love of fruitful Nights are becoming more powerful! Thank you for a wonderful product. A. SelfUK

I absolutely love Night Cream fruitful Nights. The cream's scent is fantastic and has a silky, soft and surprisingly light texture.
Fruitful Nights leaves my sensitive and impure skin beautiful, cherished and lovely soft. It is a true miracle cream that makes my red splotches on the face less visible while minimizing my wrinkles. It is simply a brilliant all-round cream - Green People, keep on doing this super creamy!

Fruit Scrub

My face has never felt so clean as after using Green People's Fruit Scrub! I'm pretty delicate and sensitive skin especially the face and suffering even of acne. Your scrubs Fruit Scrub down my face completely super clean without irritating my sensitive skin!

Gentle Cleanse, Gentle Tone

I have long suffered from acne (acne) and rash and has just started using Clarins Cleanse, Gentle tone, and your 24 hours of face cream. In just a few days my skin was soft and smooth - and smell the products so sweet that even my husband came with a positive comment. Thanks! S. Cherrison

Intensive Repair Shampoo & Balsam

I recently discovered Green People's Intensive Repair Shampoo "and conditioners and find them perfect for my hair! I color my hair every 3 weeks because of the dreaded gray hair who eventually shines through and blow dryer so I use it often. Also, my hair thick, curly and unruly.
Most shampoos and conditioners just can not do the trick, but Green People's products leave hair soft and almost raw, especially when I let the conditioner sit for a while. Moreover, with my hair for longer than usual! Best wishes T.J. Warden

Intensive Repair Conditioner

I am writing to tell the Green People Moisturising Shampoo and Intensive Repair Conditioner, which I recommended to my very thick, curly and dry hair are the first natural hair care products I have successfully been able to use. Now I can actually get a comb through your hair! I am extremely happy for your products - super quality and so without chemical poisons!
D.R. Ibiza, Spain

Intensive Repair Shampoo

"Ideal for anyone who has colored and treated hair. Green People Intensive Repair Shampoo is gentle and preserves hair color and the matching conditioner smells incredibly nice. I have previously been forced to color my hair every four weeks, but after I started using your products can easily go seven weeks between - a substantial saving of costs hairdresser! Savings plans I use your wonderful products. "
C. B. Sheffield, UK

Moisturising Shampoo

"From the first time I used Green People Moisturising Shampoo, I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to explain my hair. I do not need conditioner everytime I wash my hair and my hair is shiny and soft, and has not looked this good In over 20 years. "
L. R. via email

"I have to mention how wonderful your Moisturising Shampoo is. I have (I should have said" hate ") is very dry and tousled hair, but it has become soft, shiny and very easy to keep track of. Your shampoo is wonderful!
P.L.J. Swansea

Moisturising Shower Bath

"I want to say thank you! I wanted to write to you the last couple weeks. I'm so happy for all Green People products I have bought. I especially loves the Moisturising Shampoo and Moisturising Shower Bath. "
L. R. via email, UK

Oy! Roll On Deodorant

Is it cheating to use Organic Young teenange deodorant at age 33?
The scent of Young Organic deodorant is just too delicious to resist. It keeps me clean, fresh and odor-free all day without aggravere my chemical sensitivity.
Sarah, Surrey

Oy! `Soft Glow 'Gradual Tan 10 ml

I think this product is excellent! it was easy to use and gave super success! :) Sarah age 22y

Self Tan Lotion

I just bought Green People's self-tanning, "SELF TAN LOTION. It is absolutely one of the best products I have ever spent.
Firstly because it is filled with wonderful ingredients which are naturally kind to my skin and the environment. Second, the color perfectly and with no trace of the unpleasant odor you get from other products.
This product should win a prize!
Thank you, Anna M.

Sensuous Body Butter

Dear Green People,

My favorite product is your Organic Spa Sensuous Body Butter.
It has helped reduce the 'slangeskinds-like' rash on my shin. I use daily Body Butter in this area, but also on my heels at night and on my hands. It makes my legs look smooth out and do my hands and feet softer - and as an extra plus is the flavor in my bedroom wonderful. A magnificent and luxurious experience that melts in your hands. S. Holt

Sun Care

We have been using your sun on our summer holiday in Turkey with great satisfaction!
Dorothy via e-mail

Sun Lotion SPF 15 - Tan Accelerator

I used your sollotion Green People SPF15 for the first time last year. I have suffered greatly from heat buds exercise within the last year and could not find a product that helped. With your sollotion I was able to sit outside in the sun day after day for two weeks and not suffer from any kind of skin reaction. What a super product. A holiday that was so much more comfortable and without itching. Can highly recommend to anyone and you are dependent on the natural fresh fragrance ... Claudine Pendle

Vitamin Shampoo og Balsam

Hi, I just want to say I am impressed with your products.
I bought Intensive Repair shampoo and conditioner and they are fabulous.
You do your hair nice and soft so the goods so long. Furthermore, I am glad to know that they are free of toxic chemicals and synthetic substances, I thought at first that your products were a bit pricey in price, but have realized now that I've tried them, how long the goods (up to three times as long as other brands),.
The money is certainly well spent. Thanks, x L. Poos

Vitamin Shampoo

"I started using your products, which I think is fantastic. Through Green People Vitamin Shampoo is my psorasis the scalp completely disappeared. It is something of a miracle since I have over the years have tried everything under the sun or earth to solve my scalp problems. "
R. R. via email, UK

Volumising Mascara

Your mascara is fabulous. I'm so glad I have found a natural mascara that actually gives my lashes some va va voom!
With a few layers (it is easy to apply and no lumps) is equally effective, even better than a lot of "high street" brands I've tried. I have suffered much from itchy, swollen eyes and your mascara with your other natural eye make-up products have really done the trick for me - Thanks! Someone plans to launch a mascara in brown?